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The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath
What Should ‘Home’ Mean For A Woman? The Shooting Star Redefines This ‘Universal Truth’

Shivya Nath’s The Shooting Star begins as journey for the self along with being a travel memoir, and towards the end, the self is better understood and reconciled with.

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The Birth of Kali review
A Joyous Retelling Of Myths By Strong, Even Audacious Feminist Voices That Are Eerily Modern

The Birth of Kali celebrates the spirit of pluralism and fluidity in Indian myths, retelling them from the perspective of 9 feminist feminist voices that speak of inner feelings not usually addressed.

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Daughters of the Sun
Hidden Stories: Ira Mukhoty Lifts The Veil On Women Of The Mughal Zenanas

Ira Mukhoty brings us hitherto unknown stories of the royal Mughal women in Daughters of the Sun, some of who would have made better emperors than their men.

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When Padma Bani Paula
When Padma Bani Paula Is A Story Of EveryGirl Meets World [#BookReview]

There’s never a dull moment in ‘When Padma Bani Paula’, Anupama Jain’s debut novel. A coming of age story of our troubled heroine, sidestepping but not always missing the puddles in her way.

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Sujatha Gidla
Ants Among Elephants Is A Searing Memoir Of Life Under A Soul Crushing Caste System [#BookReview]

Sujatha Gidla writes a powerful account of a life lived under the shadow of the caste system, and the bone crushing poverty and inequity that comes with it.

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Heroines: Powerful Indian Women Of Myth And History [#BookReview]

Ira Mukhoty’s Heroines brings to us stories of the many great women of India from both mythology and history.

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Mr Akshay Kumar, Show Social Responsibility By Refusing Movies That Glorify Stalking. Walk The Talk!

This Akshay Kumar viral video is making news, in which he slams the #BangaloreMolestation case. But what about his movies that people emulate?

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The Ivory Throne: The Epic Story Of The Forgotten Queen Of Travancore [Book Review]

Manu S Pillai's The Ivory Throne: Chronicles of The House of Travancore is an insightful book about the royals of Kerala and their customs.

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