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Author of 'Make it 2'. Poet. Extremist. Feminist. Humanist. Mentalist. Filter kaapi and dark chocolate addict.

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virgin prostitute
The Virgin Prostitute [#ShortStory]

I’m focused 100% on the job. I don’t put another prostitute down to get my job done. In short, I don’t do all that you do. I only sell my body. You, well you sell your soul.

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Why I Plan On Enjoying My Middle Age To The Fullest

Middle age can be a wonderful age for women, if only we can silence the voices in our heads and ignore those outside, and live life to the fullest!

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My Sexuality Could Be Fluid. Why Should I Be Asked To Commit To One Type?

Who gave us the right to decide the sexuality of others? Shouldn't we let people decide for themselves, at their own time?

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So, If You Do Meet Your Ex, You Know What To Do, Right? ‘Ex’cellent!

After a broken relationship, meeting my ex is the last thing I would want. But if your present does intersect with their present, here's what to do.

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Our Girls Need Sex Ed, And Not From Porn

Many teenage girls and woman go to porn to find out what sex is. Sex ed is the requirement of the day, so that porn can be watched only for pleasure.

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Dear Sperm, This Is Your Future Mother. Listen To What I Have To Say!

"I’ll be a kickass mom." An extraordinary letter to a sperm by a future mother that protests against society's definition of a perfect mother.

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Dear You… It’s Not My Business To Make Love Grow In Your Heart

A broken relationship can lead to a lot of heartache. Here is a passionate letter from a woman to the man whom she loves, who has found someone else.

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Friends With Benefits – When You Have A Good Thing Going, Don’t Complicate It!

We might have that one really good friend to whom we might be physically attracted! Might these friends with benefits make life complicated?

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