Shaifali Gupta

Shaifali Gupta is the founder of Media Meridian, a Social Media & Content Marketing firm. Starting with an MBA & MS from Europe, she is now living her dream of writing. Apart from being a hobby-writer, she's a professional content writer where she writes about Technology/E-commerce/Social Media/Software Engineering. She has worked with various nonprofits & for-profit organizations in Silicon Valley & India, and understands their technology and communication media needs.

Voice of Shaifali Gupta

Speaking Loudly: Does This Habit Indicate Confidence?

Speaking loudly is nothing less than being impolite. Do you agree? Read on to find out the general notions around speaking loudly.

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Black Dolls, White Dolls : Every Doll Is Beautiful

We often confine beauty to outer appearance, especially complexion. Here is a beautiful post to remind you that you are beautiful, and you must love yourself!

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Conquer The Internet: How To Make Your Online Store

E-commerce has endless possibilities! Here is a comprehensive checklist of things you should know before you take your business online.

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The end of a marriage
When A Note Ends A Marriage

The pressure on young women to get married - never end a marriage - has dire consequences for some marriages, and lives.

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