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Who am I ???… I am sensitive, possessive, honest, a bit selfish and I believe in others fully..But if they betray my trust, I would neither forgive nor forget the same.. I may be right or wrong, but this is what I am !!! I love to read and write and my blog is just a compilation of my thoughts - It is my own little space where I can be myself… You can reach me at [email protected]

Voice of Sadhuvi R

Adjustment – That Hidden Enemy Of Women Whom We So Readily Befriend!

Expecting one sided adjustment only from women is unfair. Yet so many of us readily do it. If this is not conditioning by patriarchy, what is?

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being a divorcee
The Story Of My Sita Aunty Who Remarried At 54 After Being A Divorcee All Her Life

A heartwarming personal story of the author's aunt who remarried in her 50s, after being a divorcee for more than quarter of a century

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