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Rohia Munavar

A twenty-something feminist, who has worked in the digital marketing industry for over 6 years, gaining experience in content marketing, SEO. Follow for thoughtful content on various aspects like feminism, workplace issues, workplace equality, inclusion and daily inspiration.

Voice of Rohia Munavar

sexist jokes
‘I Was Just Kidding’…Are Sexist Jokes Harmless Humour Or Disguised Disrespect?

Does calling it a joke make sexism okay? Despite changing attitudes towards women, sexist jokes seem to be surprisingly normalized.

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getting out of an abusive marriage
Getting Out Of An Abusive Marriage Was The Best Decision I Have Ever Made For Myself

Divorce is painful. But getting out of an abusive marriage that invalidates you as a human being and normalises abuse, is necessary.

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Finally Watching Chhapaak Made Me Realise That Even In 2020, Women Are Still NOT Safe!

A little late, I watched Chapaak and realised that despite claiming to be empowered, we are still not safe, we are still brutalised. Will this ever change?

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It’s Hard To Find Courage To Love Your Body When You’re Shamed For Being ‘Plus Sized’

It is a very courageous act to start loving your own body when the people around you and their beauty standards keep mocking you constantly.

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feminist muslim woman
Being A Woman, A Feminist And A Muslim At My Workplace

Being a hijab-wearing, feminist Muslim woman at a corporate workplace is difficult and comes with its own share of issues and discriminations. The author explores.

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My Body, My Rules: My Being Pregnant (Or Not) Isn’t Your Concern!

"Why aren't you pregnant yet?" Is a question married couples are asked. What if they just don't want children? Read the author's hilarious take on the same.

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