Ritu Garg

Ritu garg is a writer. Besides that, She is a woman and entrusted with veritable roles which are indeed her integral extensions . Her sensibilities for writing arise from her passion to give Midas touch of words to ordinary and mundane and transporting it to extraordinary and metaphysical. She stumbled upon writing while leading a corporate career when She spotted a dainty bride in her car while waiting at the traffic signal . She became a beholder and Bride , an epitome of beauty. And hence her poem Vanity Fair happened and after that many more. Now She is a full time writer. She writes about food, fashion , relationships, spirituality , parenting and health and social issues. She is a strong advocate of lateral development of children beyond textbooks. She has a few published articles on this to her credit. Her book of poems Extraordinarily Ordinary is set to release by the end of this year. She is a qualified MBA and a UGC certified educationist. She can be reached at [email protected] Her blogs are Ritureflects.wordpress.com Sanityvanitywithritu.blogspot.com

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quinoa recipes
2 Healthy Quinoa Recipes You Can Make, And Then Share With Your Fitness Pals

Women, eat healthy, and let's wear our diet on ourselves to share our secret to fitness with others, with some healthy quinoa recipes!

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What Do You Do? I Have An Unusual Answer To This Simple Question

The 'what do you do' question usually refers to one's occupation, but in this case, became a moment to reflect on one's deepest beliefs about life.

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Try Out This Easy Pomelo Salad Recipe, With This Wonder Fruit

The pomelo, a citrus fruit, is a close cousin of the grapefruit. Read on to try out this easy pomelo salad recipe.

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Shadows Of Desire [Poem]

A lyrical poem about a woman's desire for her lover and his betrayal.

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The Early Onset of The Empty Nest: Here’s How India’s Families Are Getting More Nuclear

With more young adults wanting independence all too soon, nuclear families in India are getting even more nuclear.

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Evolution or Dissolution: Is The Script On The Institution Of Marriage Changing?

With people steering their own courses and finding their own definitions of 'family', is the script on the institution of marriage changing?

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