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Reaching For A Low Sky: On Marriages And Limiting The Ambitions Of Girls

We condition our girls so cleverly that the ambitions of girls do not dare to reach for the sky, and then we wonder why women do not do well in higher echelons!

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The Prima Ballerina. January 2016 Muse Of The Month Winning Entry by Sreesha Divakaran

Fate can often deal the severest of blows, but can bring happiness again! The first winning entry for the Muse of the Month.

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The Subtle Way Women Enhance Patriarchy: It’s Time To Rethink Our Stands

This thought provoking piece talks about the ways, women enhances patriarchy. It's time, we rethink our own place as woman in our society.

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Failed Office Romance? This Is How You Pick Yourself Up and Move On

Getting over a failed office romance, might not be easy still not impossible. Here's how to go about it. Keep your chin up.

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Interview With Rape Crisis Counselor And Writer Robert Uttaro

Robert Uttaro, who is a rape crisis counselor talks to us about his experiences, work, and his book To The Survivors.

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Why Is A Woman’s Virginity So Important? Let’s Put That Tissue In Its Place

Why is a woman's virginity so important? How does a mere piece of tissue makes a woman pure or otherwise. This post questions!

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Laying To Rest The Ghosts Of Slut-Shaming At College

A young woman's college life turns horrendous when she is subjected to slut-shaming. How does she lay the ghosts of this harassment to rest?

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