Rashmi Agrawal

After a decade-and-a-half long IT career, Rashmi switched to professional writing as she could not resist her passion to lie weak and ignored anymore. So, she is nurturing her passion now as a freelance writer. Rashmi has a keen interest in business communication, technical and parenting write-ups. Fiction is her first love in the universe of writing. With compelling short stories, Rashmi rests her imaginations and gives them wings too.

Voice of Rashmi Agrawal

Kitty Party Confessions To Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

“Oh, well. Leave them, sweetheart. My kitties are not for boring women. After all, why should men have all the fun?” The hostess flipped her hair and looked at Kanchi with admiration.

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I Refuse To Be Burdened With The Supposed Compliment, SUPERWOMAN

It's high time we stopped calling working mothers 'superwoman.' The author says if working women are superwomen, then all other women are too!

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single child
How Do You Get Rid Of The Guilt Of “Depriving” Your Single Child Of A Sibling?

You have a single child, and you're happy with it. But what do you do of the guilt when people say you're depriving the child of a sibling, or worse, the child asks for a sibling?

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The Right to Disconnect: Will India Ever Allow Employees To Embrace Work-Life Balance?

The Right to Disconnect bill proposes to give employees the power to NOT attend to work after office-hours. If such a bill comes to pass, it would indeed be a tremendous turnaround in workaholic India. 

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Assistants Don’t Have Emotions, Do They?

Assistants don’t have emotions. They can’t have. Anything physical can be engineered in them but emotions… nah, not possible. Feelings are proprietary of humans.

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“People Assumed Then That We Were A Couple. For Them We Were…”

A smile danced on Raina’s lips. A smile that touched the farthest corners and was dotted with naughtiness. She was sure, Mini did not know the rumors of the last few months.

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