Ramya Iyer

Ramya is exploring the strength of stories, with a belief that stories help us learn and grow and motivate us to live joyous and more fulfilled lives. She is working on a platform of stories called The Bright Lamp (https://www.facebook.com/thebrightlamp) through which she envisions doing her part in motivating others. Her storytelling journey can be followed at 'The Bright Lamp Storytells' (https://www.facebook.com/thebrightlampstorytells). She is rediscovering life through her twin children with a new vigour. Trying to live a fulfilling life one breath, one step, one day at a time.

Voice of Ramya Iyer

I Wish I’d Known You Better, But I Accept You Wholeheartedly, My Paati

A woman remembers her dear grandmother, whom she knew as brave and strict, but who was also vulnerable and complex in ways that were hard to understand back then.

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A Letter To Open Our Minds In Responding To Others’ Pain

Whether you are family, a friend, or a stranger who comes in contact with someone’s pain, it's important to learn to respond to pain in an empathetic manner.

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How I Teach Gender Equality To My 3 Year Old Twins, A Girl And A Boy

As parents, we make sure we model and teach gender equality to our twins, a boy and a girl, who are being bombarded with sexist messages from society.

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Dr. Rukhmabai Raut: The 19th Century Child Bride Who Fought To Become A Doctor

Today is the birth anniversary of Dr. Rukhmabai Raut. If you’ve seen the Google Doodle today, it pays a beautiful ode to India’s first practicing woman doctor.

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