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I am an evolving blogger, who took a hiatus from job and voluntarily decided to be hands-on-mom, also fortunate enough to witness the internet era when life is easier with just a click!

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happy in live in relationship
I’m Happy In My Live-In Relationship And Don’t Need The Judgement

"We live in a society and we need to care about the society. Do you know that we all will be subjected to humiliation by everyone?”

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pet parent
She Taught Me At 50+ That I Still Had The Energy To Become Mom To A Baby!

Despite not being a dog lover, I became mom to a puppy who stole my heart, and I became a doting pet parent at the age of 50+.

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Kudos To These Gutsy ‘Nukkad Entrepreneurs’: Women Who Sell Yummy Street Food!

This post salutes the spirit of those gutsy women selling 'vadapav' to make ends meet. They definitely are our 'nukkad entrepreneurs'.

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Maid In India: It’s Time We Respected Her As A Working Woman Too

Domestic workers commonly known as 'maids' in India are indispensable to most urban nuclear families. Yet, do we value her too as a working professional?

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Homemakers, The Unsung Heroes Of Our Homes

It was a pleasant evening of November 18,2017, when the 67th edition of Miss World pageant was held with 118 contestants from all over the world competing for the title.

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Live Like A Kid! What My Recent Vacation Taught Me

With our age, our enthusiasm to wander out of our comfort zone lessens. Let us try living more like our kids and learn a thing or two from them?

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