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Kalpana Chawla
Chandrayaan 2 Reminds Me Of When I Met Kalpana Chawla

A visit to the NASA museum meant more than just a scientific journey for this author; a personal connect with Kalpana Chawla that many Indian women feel.

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Dutee Chand coming out
Dutee Chand Showed Immense Courage In Coming Out, And Is Now An Inspiring LGBT Youth Icon

Not only does Dutee Chand deserve our wholehearted support and applause for coming out and being an LGBT youth icon, but the support she's receiving is worth cheering!

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For The Old Woman, A New Life Was Not Important, The Birth Of A Grandson Was!

Despite all efforts, with even the law leading a hand, who will change the mindsets of a society that is fixated on having a male child, and not the happiness of new life?

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They Did Not Deserve Her, Not After Wishing Her Life Away!

She cried in the labour room because she had given birth to a daughter. She cried again after she gave birth to her second child, a boy. Because now she would no longer have to face their taunts.

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This Durga Puja Let’s Teach Our Daughters To Not Be Ashamed Of Periods

Nothing is 'impure' about periods. This Durga Puja, don't let bleeding deprive your daughters of Maa's darshan, says the author to all mothers out there. 

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