I am fascinated by the English Language and the wide range of synonyms! Nature is gorgeous and I find beauty in every little springs it has to offer. My another love is to mingle with people of diverse culture, religion, caste and nationalities! Of course writing is my hobby!

Voice of PrabhaM

Karthyayani Amma, The Nonagenarian’s Quest For Knowledge!

When age if just a number! After topping the "Aksharalaksham" test, she is now aiming at a 100/100 in Grade 10 when she turns 100 years old!

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Yes, I Am An Unapologetically Feminine, Even Dainty, Feminist!

As a feminist, people are surprised when they find me dainty and feminine. They'd be surprised when they know the backbone of steel I can have.

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The Joys Of Handwritten Letters!

The author pens a beautiful post, reminiscing the good old days of handwritten letters. Read on!     

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An Interview Remembered

The author remembers an interview which turned out to be better than expected.

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Should We Fight For Sabarimala?

The author strongly believes that though it is important for women to raise their voices against issues like Sabarimala but she questions aren't there other grave issues which need our attention more than this row.   

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Saraswathi Rajamani
At 15, The Fiery Saraswathi Rajamani Was The Youngest Spy To Join India’s Freedom Movement

Saraswathi Rajamani joined Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army at 16, as a spy, and has lived a sensational life that seems like fiction now. She passed away in January this year.

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Women In The Vedic Age! Something To Consider?

Gender issues have been in existence from a long time. Of late the situation is quite horrible. Sexual assault, domestic violence and unconceivable crimes against women are on the rise!

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Unrequited Love

A woman faces a tough life, only to find a second chance at love. What happens when love enters her life in the most unusual way?

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cleft lip
My Baby Couldn’t Suckle Because Of A Cleft Lip, And This Is What I Had To Do

Her son was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, and could not suckle to breastfeed. But this mom persevered and made sure he got mother's milk. 

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When I Visited Haworth, The Home Of The Bronte Sisters Charlotte, Emily & Anne

The author describes a pilgrimage she made to Haworth, the home of the Bronte sisters - Bronte who wrote Jane Eyre, Emily who wrote Wuthering Heights, and Anne who wrote Agnes Grey.

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