10 Useful Tips For The Solo Woman Traveller! Bon Voyage

raveling solo is as safe as travelling with others as long as you plan for safety and follow your instincts

Travelling alone is a novel experience, not all are fortunate. Nowadays more and more women are taking to journey alone. It is an exhilaration of total independence! You feel so light and fresh, and free. Yet, it can be terrifying if proper care and caution are not taken.

A few months back a young lady from Kolkatta, travelling alone in a cab on her way to Kemp Gowda International Airport, was brutally murdered by the cab driver. She was an event manager and had come to Bengaluru on an official meeting. The cab driver had taken her to office from her lodge and hence she had called him to drop her at Kempagowda International Airport, at midnight. He spoke her language and she innocently trusted him. The horrendous offence was not sexual or gendered based but for material gain. He snatched her cell phone and demanded her valuables and money. But when she resisted, he hit her and stabbed her several times before dumping her in an isolated place. Such incidents are scary and deadly.

In another frightening incident, a young woman was travelling at 3 am in a cab. She was on her way to her home from the Kempagowda International Airport. The driver drove towards an isolated and toll-free route and when she objected, he forced her to get down. She was stranded at an isolated place. Imagine her plight! But thank God he did not harm her criminally or sexually.

Likewise, we get to read similar horrifying cases.

This occurrence led me to introspection. Could this tragedy be averted then how and is our country safe for women, travelling solo?

Travelling alone, whether for pleasure or profession can be fun and satisfying but we need to take prudence. Self-protection is not anti-feminist. I would not sermon that women should not travel alone or that travelling solo is dangerous. Even men have terrifying experiences. What should be followed are some safety guidelines.

Here are some safety tips:

  1. Always keep numbers of your spouse, close relatives or friends on speed dial.
  2. While boarding a cab, talk to someone and inform them where you are travelling and that within so and so hour you will have reached the place. Also, promise to call them on reaching the destination. This will keep the driver on alert.
  3. Never wear or carry too many valuables or cash. Keep your ATM or credit cards etc safe in a secret compartment of your purse or even better in some secret pocket of your skirt, pants or jeans.
  4. Dress wisely. I may sound old-fashioned but it is sensible to wear clothes that cover you well. You can even use your shawl or a jacket.
  5. Carry light luggage, mix and match choices are quite sensible.
  6. Do not trust people too quickly.
  7. Make a thorough study of your destination.
  8. Drink in moderation.
  9. Try to maintain your cool even at times of crisis. Be always confident and calm.
  10. If possible avoid travelling in a cab in late-night hours.

According to Janice Waugh, author of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook and the Solo Traveler Blog, “Traveling solo is as safe as travelling with others as long as you plan for safety and follow your instincts.”

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Happy travelling solo traveller!

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