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Cryptocurrency In The News

Elon Musk, the head of Tesla is a big believer in cryptocurrency and recently, Tesla  announced a USD 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin with plans to accept Bitcoin as payment for its cars sending the value of Bitcoin soaring.  

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Safe over sorry
Teach Kids To Be Safe Over Sorry; A Great Tool By Moms, For Parents Of Under 10 Yr Olds

Written by two young moms from their experience of talking to kids, this handy book Safe Over Sorry is targeted at 4 to 7 year old children and their parents and carers.

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The Hair-Raising Situation Of Home Haircuts During COVID-19 Times!

COVID-19 may have brought out our inner chefs and teachers but it was difficult when I had to try and be a hairdresser to my kids!

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Don’t Be Judgmental! When Women Support Women, Amazing Things Can Happen

Everyone makes different choices in life, and that is perfectly fine. What isn't acceptable is judging others for what they choose to be.

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It Took Me Two Days But I Was Finally Able To Explain To My 6 yo. What Respect Meant

Initially after my son asked what respect meant, I was stumped but for the next two days, I tried to explain to him the various forms of respect!

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Healthy Finance Habits To Cultivate For Young Women

The state of affairs in the wake of the COVID pandemic has been a grim reminder to take the very important matter of personal finance very seriously.

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I Want My Children To Be ‘Nice Guys’ Who Aren’t Afraid To Do The Right Thing

Are we as a society completely off track when it comes to parenting? I want my children to be ‘nice guys’, but isn't it my responsibility to ensure my parenting leads them there?

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