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“Give Your Best Every Time!” And Other Life Lessons From The Rio Olympics

Sports often teach us a lot, and the recently concluded Olympics are no exception. Here are 8 life lessons from the RIO Olympics.

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This Is Your Captain Speaking: A Woman Pilot Onboard

A frequent flyer describes her first experience with a woman pilot onboard. She describes it as one of her proudest moment in life.

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Do You Subscribe To Any Of These 9 Common Myths About HR?

Debunking these common myths about HR people - those 'Human Resources' people that we often assume are having the most fun at work!

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Maternity Leave Rules In India: Is It Time For An Update?

Maternity leave rules in India need to be looked into again, under the changing socio-economic circumstances. 12 weeks of paid leave is hardly sufficient.

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Around The Globe, Does Her Right To Abortion Exist?

Many governments restrict women's access to abortion, making pregnancy hazardous for women and giving rise to dangerous abortions by unqualified practitioners.

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Which Name Would You Choose? Maiden Or Married Surname?

How much of our identity lives in our surnames? As a woman, would you choose your maiden or married surname?

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Everyday Women Who Inspire Me

Famous women inspire us. Day in and day out. What about the women around us? In this post, the author shares her thoughts on everyday women who inspire her.

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Good Girl, Bad Girl: What Kind Of Girl Are You?

Good girl, bad girl: The neat categorisation of women into these two categories continues, based on deeply held sexist norms.

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