I am a homemaker and a mother who is passionate about all the aspects of life and I like to experiment and explore to enrich my experience. I share my experience as guidelines. Reader's discretion is advised. I enjoy cooking, reading, writing and designing.

Voice of Parul

Enough! It Is Time We Stop This Abuse In The Name Of Sanskar!

What is sanskar, after all? And for how long will we as a society continue to perpetrate atrocities, abuse, and control our women in the name of sanskar?

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A Depressed Loved One? Wake Up, And Deal With Those Mental Health Issues Before A Life Is Lost!

Mental health issues are considered a taboo even in the most modern societies.  Even after all the education and awareness, it is frowned upon.

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A Mother’s Day Letter I Wrote To Remind Myself: I’ve Done Great!

"You learnt to believe in yourself and your child." A thoughtful Mother's Day letter this mom writes to herself, about her journey as a mother.

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Exams Stress? Try These 10 Stress-busting Tips That Are Sure To Help

Exams are a crucial time in children’s lives. Here are 10 tried and tested tips to reduce exam stress that work very well.

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10 Important Life Lessons I Learnt In My Life To Be Happy

As we grow older, we become more aware about our life and there comes the important life lessons. Here are a few that I learnt in order to be more happy and content.

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