Nousheen Khan

An HR professional by qualification, have worked for close to 10 years now across Pharma and IT sector, voracious reader and writer at heart. Married, and mother to a 4 year old. I love to visit new places, read about their history and culture and try out different kinds of cuisine. I visit one new place every year and my dream is to travel all over the world.

Voice of Nousheen Khan

The Hidden Reasons Behind The Gender Pay Gap In India

Why is there such a Gender Pay Gap in India? And what can we really do about it? Here's taking a closer look.

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A Woman Imam Leads Prayers In Kerala. Here’s My Take On The Media Coverage

The news of a woman Imam leading prayers led to the usual fatwas as well as calls for gender equality in religion. Can media coverage be more nuanced than 'for' or 'against'?

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Kudos To Manushi Chhillar, But Our Glorification Of Motherhood Is Problematic

Kudos to Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017 for making us proud but here’s why something didn’t seem completely right about her answer.

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older people
Heard This From Older People? “I Am Old, I Can’t Wear Red!” Why Not?

Who decides how older people should live their lives? Why are they expected to stick to drab and staid choices when they may now want to enjoy their freedom?

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romance of reading
Discover The Romance Of Reading Books And Living Many Lives In One!

Books and romance are intricately intertwined - not just romantic books, but even the romance of reading, letting you live many lives in one!

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Want To Bring Up A Confident Girl? Let Her Hang Out Her Lingerie Without Trying To Hide It!

The multiple biases associated with the visibility of women's lingerie in India are stark, while men can flaunt their undergarments openly.

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The Indian Matchmaking Circus

A telling account of the madness associated with matchmaking in India, the loss of self respect it causes, and what should be done about it.

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Teaching Gender Equality To My Son In A World Constantly Sending Messages That Perpetuate Stereotypes

Children are bombarded with messages that perpetuate stereotypes, especially by popular media, and family and friends. How, then, does a parent teach about gender equality?

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