5 Reasons Chhapaak May Not Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea But Should Ideally Be

While Chhapaak is a movie that deserves all the applause it is getting, it doesn't seem to be a movie made for everyone. Here are five reasons why.

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6 Practical Tips To Help You Make The Transition From Employee To Employer

Moving from the role of an employee to an employer is certainly exciting. Here are some time-tested tips to help you make the transition.

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5 Reasons Why I Find The 1-Day Wonder Of International Yoga Day Problematic

While I appreciate the effort made to popularise Yoga on International Yoga Day, I hope the enthusiasts take it beyond that one day / one week celebration.

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Why Only Stretch Marks? 6 Ways To Celebrate Every Imperfection Motherhood Has Given You!

Ask how motherhood has changed your life and there would be a long list of things that would come to your mind. Right? Celebrate all of them!

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Arunachal Pradesh : Not On Your Travel List Yet? Think Again!

It is the perfect place for people looking for respite and those who want to experience its untouched scenic beauty.

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My Mother’s Head Was Bowed, But I Would Not Accept The Same Fate

In this gripping short story, a young woman is led by her family into a future she cannot imagine. Will she find the means to escape it? Read on and find out!

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9 Badass Women Who Made Our World Easy

Significant credit for the freedom we enjoy and the respect we command today goes to several amazing women who were not afraid to break the rules.

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Writing For Kids: The Step By Step Mini Guide You Need

Do you fancy writing for kids - your catchy story printed in large font, showcasing elaborate illustrations? Yes, it’s going to be a reality, provided you are prepared for it.  

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period shame
It’s Won The Oscar; Now Let’s Make Sure Our Girls Are Never Shamed For Periods

I remember the shame I felt on my first period, says Nidhi Pathak, and I hope that no girl is made to feel this shame now that the conversation is out in the open with the Oscar win. My Netflix app had been teasing me with the documentary ‘Period. End of Sentence’ for a while, […]

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Why It’s Time To Celebrate Those Failed Resolutions From 2018

More than the goals, it's the journey that matters. Here's why you deserve applause even if your 2018 resolutions are 'failed resolutions'. 

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Mumbai Rains – Come On, Bring Out The Worst In Me…

Perfect make-up and fancy hair-dos are all of no avail when the Mumbai rains strike! Here's a hilarious account of one woman's monsoon travails.

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Why I Need To Be An ‘Assertive’ Bahu And Not Struggle To Be A ‘Perfect’ One

I believe that one needs to be a positive and assertive bahu, not necessarily a perfect one, as long as there is mutual love. You win some, you lose some.

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