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Teachers: The Forgotten Brigade Of Corona Warriors

Posted: May 9, 2020

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Police and Healthcare Professionals, these Corona warriors are working hard every day, providing us the best services and definitely deserve a salute. However, there is one more category that needs to be added to this list and that is of ‘Teachers and Educators’ across the world.

Only two months back, we all were so busy with our lives that sparing even 10 minutes from our daily schedule seemed an uphill task. And suddenly there was a  little twist that put all our big plans on freeze and made us realize our true power. In a short span we have gone through a range of emotions.   There is fear, sadness, and shock, but we are also hopeful and grateful for the small joys in life.

Today, when even a stroll in the park sounds like a luxury, we are blessed to have brave souls who are dedicatedly performing their duties every single day. While medical professionals and police force are the frontline warriors in our fight against COVID-19, there are cleaners, vendors, security staff making our lives easier and most importantly ‘safer’.

Food, security, health, and hygiene are the basic requirements and must be dealt with efficiently. Certainly, these corona warriors are working hard every day, providing us the best services and definitely deserve a salute.

However, there is one more category that needs to be added to this list and that is of ‘Teachers and Educators’ across the world. COVID has hit India at a time when most schools started with their new academic sessions and teachers set the foundation of knowledge for their students.

With uncertainty looming over, schools are not even sure if they can function in a conventional manner anytime soon. Does that mean that studies have to take a backseat? If so, for how long?

Online learning – Need Of The Hour

Undoubtedly, virtual classrooms can never replace the real, face-to-face interaction between teachers and students –  but in the given scenario, that’s not possible. There is a need to acknowledge the initiative taken by schools in making the learning sessions as seamless and interesting as possible. Of course, this kind of situation was never anticipated and therefore online learning is witnessing several operational hurdles. We just hope that this arrangement is all temporary. However, until we are dealing with the situation, online learning is the only pragmatic solution.

Teachers Deserve An Applause

Honestly, as a parent working from home, I can’t even imagine how I could keep my child engaged for the whole day. Now when she is busy with her classes, I can finish my most critical projects.

The initial days had not been easy though. There was constant confusion, technical glitch, or chaotic chatter during sessions. Yes, it was annoying. In the midst of our work schedule and household chores, we were forced to take care of an additional task.

But come to think of it, wouldn’t it be equally annoying for the teachers too? They, too, are handling such a responsibility for the first time! Teaching online is a tough nut to crack, especially with younger kids,  and I must say teachers are doing a fabulous job. The step-by-step methodology to cover each topic, answering children’s queries, and ensuring that every student understands the fundamentals  – is all being done remotely. I can’t even teach my own child online, forget about a whole bunch of kids.

Are We Degrading Teachers’ Efforts By Mixing Various Issues?

We as parents have different sets of concerns too – such as a substantial increase in children’s screen time, kids not being attentive in a virtual setup, connectivity issues, etc, etc. One of the several important concerns is on school fee reduction/waiver. It’s quite valid too, since many employers are seriously considering pay cuts and even layoffs in the coming months.

Sure, schools do need to be empathetic and respond to parents’ concerns in this difficult time. However, it is not wise to undermine teachers’ efforts in this entire process. I still feel that they are trying to deliver their best in the 40-minute slot, in an arrangement which is definitely not conducive – both for teachers and students.

Unfortunately, teachers are subjected to comments such as ‘they are only doing this so that schools can demand fees’ or ‘how will teachers earn their salaries, otherwise’.

Does that sound fair? Think again.

A big Shout Out To All The Teachers

I have worked as a teacher volunteer and also earned a degree in education and therefore I know a little bit about the challenges in teaching. Therefore, I have immense respect for all the teachers and educators who are trying hard to impart knowledge to our kids. A lesson plan requires a great deal of effort even in a regular scenario.  Curating it for the online medium demands much more.

The situation is definitely tough for parents too. We are sparing our laptops and tablets while managing our work on mobile phones. Working from home is hard and all of us are trying to deliver the best. We don’t know how long this will last. Even after the crisis is over, things will take time to return to normal. A collaborative effort between teachers and parents will bring the best outcome.

Hopefully, at the end of the academic session, our kids would be managing with almost all the subjects quite well. Till then, a big thanks to all the teachers for being the superheroes.

Image Source: Pexels

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