Mishty Varma

Mishty Varma has a background in literature, languages, gaming, journalism (across beats and media), WEP (writing-editing-proof-reading), and public affairs. She is also a sufferer of unplanned and painful pregnancies, so she knows what she is talking about when she insists that pregnancy is the single-most uninformed choice women are conditioned to make. She also has personally suffered male entitlement so ludicrous that it teeters and falls face-forward into the preposterous. But, like climate change, it's insidious, ubiquitous, and must be fixed.

Voice of Mishty Varma

No Dear Men, You Don’t Get Equal Say In A Pregnancy Because Women Put In 95% Of The Work

Men have sex and give their sperm. Finis. All the hard work of pregnancy, and often post delivery is done by women. How can men claim an equal say in what happens?

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