Lavanya Srinivasan

Author of Maya & the Mind Mystics novella. Word Sculptor. Wodehouse fan. Bibliophile. Chartered Accountant. An ardent believer of the reality of multiverses.

Voice of Lavanya Srinivasan

All For A Cup Of Tea!

When something becomes such a big staple part of our lives, it can be the greatest comfort as we go through life and change.

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What’s Common To Arab Spring & A Recent Auction Of A Sudanese Child Bride? You’ll Be Surprised!

Facebook has taken over our lives like nothing else, people using the social media giant for both happy and disastrous purposes.

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The Crimes Of Grindelwald: Fun & Likeable Though It Lacks That Gut Connect

What can you expect from The Crimes Of Grindelwald? Here are some of the highlights presented (sans spoilers). Harry Potter fans will find it likeable enough, if not quite enthralling.

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Have You Mastered The Art Of Saying No? Start Learning Now!

Saying No is the biggest challenge all of us face whether at the workplace or at home. Here's how you can become better at saying no!

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the switch
The Switch | He As She And She As He [#ShortStory]

They again started – “I never knew how hard it’s to meet with the creative demands…” “Your job is so exhausting…Talk about a bad day.” - before clamming up after noticing Tim’s confused stares.

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through a train window
Through A Train Window [#ShortStory]

"Sorry and all that, but a guy has to live and you didn’t make it easy for me to keep out the temptation when you trustingly signed at everything I threw at you."

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