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Ending Child Marriage, One Selfie At A Time

Child marriages continue to snatch away lives of young girls in India. Here's a look at why they persist, and how you can help stop them with the #selfies4school campaign.

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Being A Son In The Arranged Marriage Market

A son writes to his parents about being subjected to humiliation at the arranged marriage market in India.

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Don’t Worry: Leave Career Choices To The Kids

Parents want the best for their children, but are their decisions always right? Leave career choices to the kids, and let them follow their passions, says the author.

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Travel to the Kutch desert
Emerging Travel Destination: Kutch, The Colourful Desert

Kutch, the dry desert region whose people make up for the lack of colour with their spectacular clothes, is becoming a popular travel destination.

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Live, Love, Laugh: Ten Simple Ways To Live Better

In the game of life, it's easy to forget the most important rules. Here is a list of ten simple ways to be better, do better, and live better!

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