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Emerging Travel Destination: Kutch, The Colourful Desert

Posted: July 23, 2014

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Kutch, the dry desert region whose people make up for the lack of colour with their spectacular clothes, is becoming a popular travel destination.

I am a self confessed travel buff. I never leave a chance to pack my bags and head towards the most  amazing locations. My professional commitments have taken me to places like UK and USA but not the way I would like to explore it. Since it has been a short visit each time, I do not consider myself an expert in international travel yet.

I got a chance to visit my roots recently as I come from the Kutch region of Gujarat. The sheer display of colour and grandeur awed me. I was always aware of the art but being able to experience it in the flesh and blood was a different experience.

Kutch is a desert, as well as a district in the Western state of Gujarat in India. The dry spells in this region last for years or decades and the landscape is dry but beautiful.

Handiwork is an integral part of this locality, which dates back to the Mughal era. The handiwork consists of designs of peacocks and other such inherent in nature but also keeps itself updated with the latest trends.

With a philosophic bend of mind, I always try to research the truth in everything I see and the artwork in Kutch was no different. My grey cells got me restless and I researched a lot on the historical importance of the art.

The mirror work and intricacies of the designs are used by the tribals in Kutch to add the imagery missing in the landscape in the desert that is always under a dry spell – except for the monsoons when it is submerged by the rivers and becomes a wetland.

Life is not easy for the tribal people of Kutch. Well connected to nature but without modern amenities and electronic gadgets, yet it does not stop them from enjoying the beauty of an understated elegance.

Pic credit: Meena Kadri (Used under a CC license)


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