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Observing, listening or experiencing social biases and penning them down in support for the gender equity. Earning bread through data crunching.

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Stop Calling Women Who Manage Finances, ‘Dominating!’

We presume that men know where and how to spend, save or invest money, whereas we women don’t know anything about managing our own finances!

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When Age Becomes An Excuse To Dodge Accountability For Abusive Behaviour

Offended by such a lame accusation, she replied angrily. The result is, she is scolded for being rude and disrespecting elders!

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New Research Says…Countries That Treat Women Equally Are Also Richer!

'It seems as if the surest way to curse one’s nation is to subordinate its women'. If a family/country is to be happy & prosperous, women must be respected & given equal opportunities.

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OMG How Can She Pursue Her ‘Useless’ Hobby Now That She Is Married Or Worse, Also A Mom?!

They were both careerists who connected over a common hobby - dance - and then got married. But no happily ever after; while HE continues pursuing his interest, SHE is shamed for it. 

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While Raising Empowered Girls, Do We Forget To Raise Emotionally Expressive Boys?

While teaching our daughters to 'be strong' in a patriarchal society, did we teach our sons to understand the concept of women's autonomy and choice?

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You’re So ‘Lucky’ Your Husband ‘Helps’ At Home; Your Inlaws ‘Allow’ You To Do More Than I Was

It's 2020, and women are still considered 'lucky' for things that men take for granted. Time that men took responsibility for their privilege.

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