Jasmine Khurana

From a geeky economics professor (later administrator) to a blogger, poet and performer, life has dished out myriad colours. As I now flirt with words and play with punches and poetries, I believe at 44 I'm dancing to the real soundtrack of my life as a writer and performer. Humor is where lies my G-spot- is what I woke up to while writing and enacting. * Winner Orange Flower Award for Humor (2017) at the Women’s Web Digital Summit * Featured by Homegrown as one of the seven Spoken Word artists to have made an impact through poetry/ Spoken Word performances in 2017 * Performed as featured poet at MAP 2017 & 2018, The Quill Company, Inkstation, Kommune, Tape A Tale and various coveted platforms across Mumbai *Awarded the ‘Liberal Lady’ title at Music, Arts, Poetry festival (MAP 2018) for writing about women’s lives in an elegant and entertaining way.

Voice of Jasmine Khurana

Dang! My Pregnancy Was Nowhere Like The ‘Filmy’ Style That I Fantasized About!

This mom had very 'filmi' expectations from her pregnancy and delivery, and tells a hilarious tale of how all of them fell flat, right up to the birth drama!

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living her dream
A Mother, A Girl, A Woman… Now Living My Dreams

She was a young girl with bookish dreams, but took the 'safe' career path... but now, a mother, she is living her dream, pledging to stand by her son's dreams too!

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cycling 100 kms
How I Went From Cycling As A Hobby To Doing A Maiden Century In A Few Months’ Time

I began cycling just to give my son and husband company, but with their encouragement, I went on to cycling 100 kms in a Mumbai Ahmedabad event.

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Woman That I Am! Women That We All Are!

Women are not just their bodies or their supposed actions or objects of desires. Women are who they want to be, and it's time we learn to accept that!

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vintage love
Vintage Love From The Times Of No Social Media! [#ThisThingCalledLove]

The poet remembers her romance in times not so connected on social media, a vintage love that has its own charm, that she wants to share with the next generation.

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