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Woman That I Am! Women That We All Are!

Posted: March 8, 2018

Women are not just their bodies or their supposed actions or objects of desires. Women are who they want to be, and it’s time we learn to accept that!

Who am I?
I am a different person every day!
Or every moment,
If I must say!

At times I’m deep diving into my inner self,
Fingering my deepest unravelled layers.

At times I’m holding on tightly to my roots,
Next moment I could shoot off those roots to kiss the skies!

At times I’m laughing out loud,
Like a child,
Like a devil.
Whether I’m shooing them away?
Or flirting with my demons.

At times I’m cutting out the cacophony, the din,
The judgements, opinions, the chagrins.
Next moment you’ll see me making music and sonnets,
Out of the same noisy dissonance.

At times I’m about to unleash a volley of verses,
At times I choose ‘not’ to unmute myself for even a second.

C’ mon!
It’s not the hormones.
They are just a part.
There is so much more to me..my darlings!

To the fathers, the sons, the brothers, the husbands and all dear men out there.
To love and nurture is not an option.
That’s in my DNA,
That’s how I’m wired.

I’m the rock by your shore if the waves are severe.
Anchor when you feel fragile or lost.
But to guard my OWN self and esteem,
I know pretty well how to disconnect or decouple.

Because ‘giving’ is a habit I can’t give up on,
Doesn’t mean my rights, my dignities too,
I’m giving away on a platter.

My bosom can hold even a volcano.
But ‘Expectations’ a bit too much,
‘Stereotypes’ way too many,
Or ‘for granted’ being taken a right,
Some reasons that stir up my galvanic side.

To the hilt, I love to play,
A myriad of my roles,
But trust me I can rise above all,
And just ‘make out’ with my soul!

I’m a woman … a creation most beautiful.
I shall keep repeating and reminding myself.

Outside I might be an enigma of emotions,
Inside, mind you…
I’m a perfectly sorted puzzle!

Image source: pexels

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