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Love to read almost everything except Maths and Bio-Chem-Phy of Science. Kind of an introvert. So, when i.e most of the times my speech fails me I try to express myself in writing.

Voice of Ipsita Sengupta

To Be (Or Not To Be) – A Feminist And Proud!

The word feminist has always come with a lot of baggage attached to it. Isn't it high time, we stop fearing feminists and start supporting them?

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to be a mother
To Be Or Not To Be A Mother, How To Be A Mother, Is A Woman’s Choice Alone

Marriage. Having a child. Having a child only inside a marriage. These are forced upon women. Let the women decide for themselves. Their body, their choice, their life.

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Chasing Away The Starlight From Empty Eyes

The darkness has lessened a tiny bit. But it still hurts like it was yesterday. She was screaming in the hospital bed, just after waking up as soon as her anaesthesia wore off.

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If You Wanna Suggest Tidying Up My Room Or Myself, ‘You’re A Girl’ Is Not A Good Enough Reason!

Why should I HAVE to be tidy and well dressed just because I'm a girl, if it is OK for my male cousins to get away with messy rooms? Not a good enough reason!

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