Ilham Modi Bharmal

My passion in life lies in learning new things all the time. Emotional Intelligence is a way of life for me. I like to mix it with all my areas of interest that include - Psychology, Crochet, Writing, Storytelling, Drama and Parenting.

Voice of Ilham Modi Bharmal

The Red Sea Stain

If decades of steering the corporate wheel had taught her anything at all, it was to avoid being stuck in peak-hour traffic at all costs. Sharvari had learned to force her brain cells to make peace with the dark 5 a.m. skies. She had learned to drag herself to the kitchen and brutally awaken the […]

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Mirror On The Wall
A Short Story About Acceptance: Mirror On The Wall

The floral-leafy pattern in brown polished wood made the mirror look delicate and inviting. The fact that it could easily be carried around really irked Maa.

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“If Only…” Could These Be The Most Heartbreaking Words Ever?!

She had always felt that Subu beat her in this game only so that he could extend his hand and knowingly pull her closer to his body while helping her board the train. Perhaps, it was the very reason why Suyashi never really cared if she lost the race every single time.

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A Poem Dedicated To Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship

In November every year, the globe celebrates World Kindness Day. This is a poem dedicated to every pe

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But My Appa Had Said “Drowning Is Not An Option!” So I’m Going To Fight This

Rajlaxmi had been noticing the unhappy vibes between the two. She conveniently decided to play judge and held Meera guilty on all charges for their difficult relationship.

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I Always Listened To My Parents…But Latha Uff…She Was Selfish & The Queen of Rebellion!

Appu, Anasuya Jai & I grew up doing what was told. But our youngest sister Latha was a nightmare! Was it about being selfish or was it self-love? 

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On Teachers’ Day 2021, An Ode To Our Pandemic Era Online Teaching Struggles

A poem dedicated to all my fellow teachers. This has been a strange time indeed, but let's consider it a short break from our ordinary lives.

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And That’s Your 1st Life Lesson – Don’t Ever Let Them Take Advantage Of You!

Still trembling all over, she shouted in his direction – Hand for a hand! Some people stared, as she bellowed out, while many others hardly realised what had ensued in these few seconds.

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MannKey Baat – A Humorous Take On The Battle Between The Urban Human v/s The Wild

Perhaps the monkeys must’ve chattered among themselves  about this amazing new human zoo that has opened close to the forests.

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