Hiral Sarvaiya

Meandering through disciplines,I have finally landed as a Development Professional ,a chronic patient of "Itchy feet ". Dreamer ,Traveler through words as well as otherwise.

Voice of Hiral Sarvaiya

As An HIV Positive 15 Year Old, She Was Deprived Of The Most Basic Of Human Necessities – Love

Shraddha is HIV positive, a 15 year old AIDS orphan. Does this mean that society can deny her the basic human need of love?

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Varanasi. A Look At This Ancient City Through The Eyes Of A Modern Woman Traveler

Varanasi on a shoestring budget. A look at this ancient city through the eyes of the modern woman traveler. An experience that touches the spirit.

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My Battle With Acne: An Inner Journey

The battle with acne is more about the inner journey, while the medicines, creams, or homemade remedies try handling the external one.

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