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My Battle With Acne: An Inner Journey

Posted: December 11, 2015

The battle with acne is more about the inner journey, while the medicines, creams, or homemade remedies try handling the external one.

The title may have brought many of you to read through for some solutions for acne. I suffered a lot from acne growing up. And I have come miles with it. Achieving peace with it comes after the terrible test of self-esteem one is subjected to.

So here’s the story.  Every outburst of acne I faced, brought a prayer, for it to be  the last one. But each attack put me through this cycle of stress, where the stress about stress took over, and the acne moved from a mere outbreak to chronic cycle.

I was a teenager, away from home, staying in a hostel, when I met with this big acne problem. Home-sickness became the smaller problem. The severe acne set me apart from my peers, and completely decimated my self-esteem. A roommate of mine during that time, remarked on my miniscule chances of dating owing to the oozing pimples all over my face.I felt very small. I would stay in bed, not able to face the world, with not even enough courage to see myself in the mirror.

Gradually, though, as I got used to them, my acne became a conversation starter for strangers. Visit to the departmental stores certainly turned out to be interesting. It is amazing how much of the economy thrives on your desire to be that spotless face.

I was, of course, deeply concerned with what it did to my physical appearance, but more importantly, I what perturbed me was the damage to my mind, making me realize that I did not want my acne to define me. This realization was not overnight, but an outcome of the immense support extended by family and friends and the lessons we learn as we grow to adulthood.

I still have acne, and they have left me with scars on my face growing up, But they no longer affect me the way they did when younger. I recently gave a piece of my mind to a salon attendant who recommended a 50,000 laser surgery for my scars saying ,”Thou shall see my scars and know that I have healed.”  

To all those girls who had this journey: accept a more inclusive definition of beauty. Do not stop at fairness and flawless skin, but the beautiful face with scars and a 100 watt confidence.

You are adorable with the smile with that beautiful soul radiating through your face.

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