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Mrs India 2020-2021 | Internationally Bestselling Author | CMO, Seobal Business Solutions | Speaker | Coach | GlobeTrotter | Altruist Haswata is an Internationally Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur. She is also a World Record Holder for the book she co-authored. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Seobal Business Solutions. Well-recognized for her extensive portfolio and experience in diverse fields, Haswata’s story is a competent blend of insightfulness and inspiration. Her story has been covered by Radio City 91.9 FM, Dainik Bhaskar Rajasthan, Radio Tadka 95 FM, The Cinema Blogs, Sangri Times, Dainik Bhaskar Sikar, Mridul Patrika and many others. She has also been featured on Prag News, Assam. Haswata's first published contribution is through 'The Growth Hacking Book 2: 100 Proven Hacks For Business And Startup Success In The New Decade.' She is the kind of author who puts her heart and soul into what she writes. With every passionate story created by her, Haswata hopes to contribute something to her readers. A fiery multi-tasker and go-getter, Haswata aims to inspire others through her work. She has been striving to build an equalized platform for women and often works with budding professionals to help them realize their goals. She is regularly called upon to provide transformational and change leadership to guide business divisions through deregulation of markets, particularly in community services, the health industry and F&B sectors. Haswata has been invited as a Guest Speaker with LinkedIn Local Jaipur, Startup Talks, Genuses Edutainers and Milestone Special School. As a Keynote Speaker, she has partnered up for virtual events with The Business Press, Udaan, The Juhu Studio, The Healing Rooms and many more valued enterprises. Being an International Coach, Event Moderator and Marketing Virtuoso, Haswata often travels for her work. She is an ardent volunteer with many reputed non-profit organizations such as Goonj, Masoom, The Robinhood Army (RHA), etc. Haswata believes that it’s not just about giving back to the society but about how much effort you put into it. Her venture, Seobal, has been working with companies in the UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai and Canada for over 3 years now. With a team of experts from all over the world, Seobal has been serving clients globally with One-Stop Business Solutions and Project Management, while catering to all industries across multiple platforms including creative brand building, content writing, strategic marketing, print, sales, revenue growth, team management, book- keeping, design and development.

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