Guneet Kaur

Guneet is a writer by the day and a mentor by evening. She is a day dreamer who finds writing as her second skin. A vagabond by heart, Guneet likes to write on the very ordinary, mundane and obvious relaities that are often overlooked. After all, the beauty lies in the details.

Voice of Guneet Kaur

one cup coffee please
One Dark Coffee Please, For The Overthinker!

"Will I ever emerge from my horrid past? I think there are still marks left after my surgery. Oh God, how much more time will it take? Will I ever find a soulmate?"

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New Dress Code, Old Couture – An Ode To The Humble Pyjama During Lockdown

Work from home often means we stay all day in our pyjamas, that humble piece of clothing that's taken for granted. An ode.

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When I Fall Sick Vs When My Husband Falls Sick

There are happy days and there are sick days. Sick days when obviously the woman of the house is not on her Durga Maa avatar best and needs a little more rest. But ever wondered why the quota of sick days has been full right from the very start for us women only?

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Incredibles 2: This Movie’s Super Mommy Plot Will Cheer Every Mom’s Heart!

The much loved animated film The Incredibles just won our hearts again with its sequel Incredibles 2. The highlight? Elasticity Girl a.k.a. Super Mommy comes to the rescue!

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