Incredibles 2: This Movie’s Super Mommy Plot Will Cheer Every Mom’s Heart!

The much loved animated film The Incredibles just won our hearts again with its sequel Incredibles 2. The highlight? Elasticity Girl a.k.a. Super Mommy comes to the rescue!

The much loved animated film The Incredibles just won our hearts again with its sequel Incredibles 2. The highlight? Elasticity Girl a.k.a. Super Mommy comes to the rescue!

As the name suggests, the movie can be rightly called incredibly funny and heartwarming. Keeping the Parrs family intact, Incredibles 2 packs a super punch with the addition of a third baby -jack jack who is a surprise and the most adorable package of the film. (This review tries to avoid all spoilers, but sorry for any that have crept in!)

The movie begins with the ‘Supers’ going out of cover to save their hometown from a possible attack and that’s when the teen girl, Violet’s latest date first ever sees her in the costume. Obviously afraid, he runs away only to be caught by a special officer who erases his memory of Violet – because superheroes have been made illegal by the government years back and hence, no one can know their identity.

In the midst of all that chaos, anger and confusion, is when Super Mommy Helen a.k.a Elasticity Girl steps in. Yes, unlike part 1, Mrs. Incredible is the one who is responsible for saving the world from malicious hands, in this case the ‘Screenslaver’.

Just as in real life where we mums are given opportunities to shine once again in our careers, Helen too gets an opportunity to go out there bearing the risks of being out in the open, leaving a miserable daughter, a weak-in-maths son, a baby in diapers and an over-ambitious zealous husband who always wishes to be in the limelight. All that because a top-notch PR company thinks the superheroes must receive their dues (and for that matter, their recognition). The action-hungry family accepts the offer without a doubt but with the condition of Mommy being the HERO, as she is the one people will love on screen. Moreover, the Mister’s past years’ records of destruction and impulsiveness were way too high, according to the company’s analysis.

After a brief hesitation of “no” and “I won’t go”, Mommy sets off to chase badass villains, rescuing an overhead train with thousands of passengers without any casualties while daddy dearest reads stories to a feisty toddler, solves math problems and tries to get acquainted with his daughter’s crush; basically taking over all the domestic roles that mommy had been doing all this while. Isn’t that sweet! Mommy goes out to work while daddy takes care of the house and kids without disturbing mom even a BIT. So what if he had to lie that everything is going well in her absence, not daring to open his mouth about a rowdy, (in fact, the funniest) incident in the movie when her infant son encounters a raccoon.

Don’t we need more dads like these who can well take it all upon their burly shoulders and let us follow our dreams? We won’t ever mind the lies, the untidy house, the incomplete homework assignments or the un-emptied trash bins as long as they say, “Honey, you soar, I’ve got it all”!

Do I need to tell you more to take your husbands along for the movie? Don’t forget the kids – apart from the feminist angle, it’s a wonderful family-fun laugh riot!

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