When I Fall Sick Vs When My Husband Falls Sick

Posted: October 31, 2018

There are happy days and there are sick days. Sick days when obviously the woman of the house is not on her Durga Maa avatar best and needs a little more rest. But ever wondered why the quota of sick days has been full right from the very start for us women only?

I mean try figuring out times when the hubby dearest has fallen sick and everything around comes crashing down like the third world war. Okay, so this applies to the majority of the male species if not all (I know some are God-sent) and their holier than thou avatars.

It was around the time that the air just started getting sweeter and my 18th century house (two verandahs, who has that now?) was smelling heavenly with the jasmine flowers growing in the house in the opposite lane. Just when I was about to take in yet another whiff of those Indian aphrodisiacs, I sneezed and sneezed HARD. The next moment I knew, my feet were up – not in glee but in fever. I was hit by the viral bug. But it was 1.10pm and the bus could be there any moment. I dragged my feet unwillingly to the stop and bought my son home on a rickshaw. Thank God for the rickshaw wallahs! So what if they bring traffic to a halt, they are a big blessing on sick days just to get any errand done. One crocin down and we both slept like babies!

The sick soul within me craved for something warm and comfy so I made chicken soup for myself, oops, for the whole family which my hubby declared would be his dinner as he was in any case thinking of cutting down carbs from his dinner. He called it a day by thrusting another crocin down my throat and promising to get our son ready for school the next day.

The next morning, I hurriedly woke up at 6.30 am cursing the crocin for the drowsy after effect, finished off the drill in time-lapse mode and came back to a disgruntled just awake hubby, only to feel his burning body.

Welcome to version 2.0 a.k.a When My Husband Falls Sick

The next 15 minutes were spent in tight hugs to make the second child in the home feel better and the next 30 minutes discussing over tulsi-ginger-pepper-honey tea why he should take multivitamins every day. Thank God nobody gave me that sort of heads-up.

The rest of the day went in doing all the other chores and tending to the ‘other child’ every once a while. “I think I should get my B.P tested. I think its a severe case of a cough gone bad, honey please make ginger-honey tea for me.” “Baby I think you should do gargles, I’ll just warm some water for you.” The water becomes cold sitting in the bathroom and the mister comes out unabashed, grinning from the latest GOT episode that he watched on his phone while pooping away to glory and when I ask whether he did the gargling, there is an unapologetic sorry before asking me to warm up the water once again.

But hey, I had fever too right, I’m also supposed to be resting and binge-watching GOT while chomping on freshly cut cucumbers. But alas, there’s a sea of difference When I Fall Sick vs When My Husband Falls Sick!

God Knows if he would have sent our child to school that morning had he not fallen sick or just pretended to have messed with the 6 am alarm! We will know the next time when we both fall sick at different intervals!

Do share your sick-stories too, I would love to laugh with you!

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  1. Really a gr8 thanks for sharing dear

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