An international triathlon champion, an accomplished singer, a critically acclaimed author, a gifted painter, a troubled genius, an eye-candy, born with a silver spoon. Well that's who I 'm !? Ok maybe not all of them. Rather none of them exactly. Not even close. A tenth ? A millionth ? A billionth ?! Nahhhhhh !!! I am just one of those you already know, average in so many ways. I don't like it, but that's that. I am a techie with a bunch of cool friends and family members - that way, I consider myself a unique social outcast. I always feel that I belong to the other group. When I am with the techies, I feel like I so belong to the kewl kids and the vice-versa. I could go on about myself, but that would hardly make a good read. So do go ahead and read what I have written and irrespective of what you think, just tell me you like it :) !!!

Voice of Guha

Fenus mall
When Granny Wanted To Go To Fenus Mall! [#ShortStory]

"The tension was mounting; the drama slowly unfolding in front of me was clearly more charming than the one in the novel."

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fitness in old age
A Wake-Up Call – What Was I Doing To Ensure My Physical Fitness In Old Age?

Work, home - women can get so caught up in everyday life that we do not prioritize working towards fitness in old age. A personal account.

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