Gitanjali Joshua

Gitanjali Joshua is a perennial student, currently exploring an intersection of law, religion and gender in her doctoral thesis. She enjoys reading, writing, painting, an assortment of crafts, long walks and swimming. She loves dinosaurs, the sea and things that give her a sense of scale. She somehow manages to find cats to befriend wherever she goes.

Voice of Gitanjali Joshua

Aanchal’s Dilemma: What Should She Tell Her Husband About Their Daughter And The Boy?

Her mother had taken her aside as well, and talked to her about the importance of family and being careful who one was seen with. She was a big girl now, she should know better. She was so lucky that her parents were still allowing her to study...

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As A Child She Couldn’t Understand Why Urmila And Irfan Mustn’t Be Girlfriend Boyfriend

She was elated. Here was concrete proof that these ungrateful girls didn’t need so much time on the internet. Look what happened if you gave them too much privacy!

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Kamala’s Question

These were questions nobody answered for Kamala. Shalini Akka said something vague about Karuna-Athai having got something called a divorce and then about how adults could live with whoever they wanted.

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It Had Been A Year Since Her Divorce But She Still Couldn’t Get His Voice Out Of Her Head…

A decade of love doesn’t just evaporate. It leaves traces. In her mind. In her body’s unconscious habits. The position she slept in. The way she stretched when she woke up.

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