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I see myself as one who carries a full plate, helping myself to the buffet of life, juggling my roles as mother , homemaker, writer and English teacher... In addition to sharing my experiences with like minded people on the Life Positive platform, I have contributed stories to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and have published two books of short stories for children entitled The Enchanted Land and Just Who am i? Reading,writing and music are activities I find time for in the midst of my busy schedule for life is truly beautiful only when you find time to sneak in some fun and me -time in the middle of all the business!

Voice of K Geethanjali

All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

The world of media and television may seem all wealth, luxury and glamour but all that glitters is not gold. Let's realise this and thank our real stars instead.

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no forwards
Wishing For A Forwards Free Zone While Living In The Times Of COVID & WhatsApp?

Let's not make our days of social distancing even more mechanical by sharing only forwards on WhatsApp. Let's share our real life and real conversations.

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“Man’s Search For Meaning” : It’s Impact On Me

We have the power to assign any meaning we want to the experience appearing before us.

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Let’s Move Our Children From Compulsion To Choice

What fun if instead of gathering together to play video games, they gather together to take up projects like tree planting or ‘save the lakes’?

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10 Year Olds Going For IIT Coaching? What About Time For Themselves And The Family?

Maybe we need to reflect on where we are heading with the rat race and weakening the ties of family, which can keep us afloat in stressful times.

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loving choices
Making Loving Choices For Yourself Can Be The Greatest Healer For Any Kind Of Stress

Help yourself heal from everyday stress by making loving choices for yourself, before the stress leads you into dark places that can make life difficult.

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make their own choice
Let’s Give Our Kids The Power To Make Their Own Choice, & Teach Them To Choose Wisely

As parents we tend to make choices for our children, mostly out of love. But let children make their own choice, so that they learn to choose wisely.

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vacation stress
I Decided To Pamper Myself With A Vacation, But Changed My Mind When…

Does the planning and travelling on vacation stress you out? When someone asks how your vacation was, do you find yourself saying, "Hectic!" when you should be feeling relaxed? 

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super human
You Don’t Need To Be A Super Human Being. Being Human Is Enough!

Is it necessary that everyone be good at everything? Isn't it enough to just be good enough without trying to be a super human being?

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tender loving care
Your Garden Or Your Kids… Tender Loving Care Always Makes Them Flower!

People are like plants, the more you use tender loving care and give them their space, the more they grow. Here is a story which tells us the same.

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the ordinary
Dear Parents & Teachers, Let’s Help Make The Ordinary – The Extraordinary!

The middle, the average, the ordinary - these are often ignored in life, with the extremes of anything getting the lion's share of attention. Time to change this?

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