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All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

The world of media and television may seem all wealth, luxury and glamour but all that glitters is not gold. Let's realise this and thank our real stars instead.

With Covid 19 in full swing , people are home bound for their most part and a live soap opera that is unfolding in the media , has them all glued to their TV sets. Drugs, lies, a mysterious death , investigations. Which movie can be more engrossing?

But what we tend to forget when we watch the game unfold  is that the players appearing on our screen are real people with real lives.

Our focus ought to be on ourselves and not on what the ‘other’ is up to

Of course one can argue that if  you are a celebrity  and your life is being played out on a large scale and you have millions of followers tracking all the posts and tweets you  put out for them, it stands to reason that once in the dock ,you need to accept that the negatives in your life will also  be played out on the same large scale stage! You need to be accountable to the millions who see you as an icon! That being said we need to realize that it is their journey and we are not adding anything to ourselves as individuals by gleefully watching their downfall. The investigation agencies are there to ensure people get what they deserve and do any ‘clean up ‘ that is needed!

Does that mean that we should be ostriches, digging our heads in the sand and not be awake to what is happening in our world? Far from it. We need to be in the know of things but only to the extent to which it affects our lives. Though our lives  may appear to be far removed from this world of glamour and illusion, ultimately it all boils down to emotions and the choices we as a human race make. Yet our focus ought to be on ourselves and not on what the ‘other’ is up to. Let’s not forget our life is about our choices. We have our own journey to make. Let us  watch the news not with a judgmental eye but  just enough to know the state of the world so that we can make informed choices in our own lives.

Realising our true ‘stars’

Yes and if we learn that our stars are after all human and not infallible ,that should be an opportunity for us to rethink our ideas and decide who we would like to have as our role models! An opportunity to develop discernment in ourselves , the discernment to separate the person from the creative energy  h/she expresses! We may still enjoy their movies but be smart enough not to fall for the brands they endorse!

My personal take away from all of this is  that all the glitters is not gold. Our true stars are not those on the silver screen but those on the ground. True ‘class’ and elegance lies not in  swanky cars, exquisite make up or lake houses but in the elegance and refinement of character as displayed by the poor domestic worker  who takes a pay cut during the lock down yet somehow caters to the needs of his family, the Covid warriors who rally around and keep things going for the ones affected by the virus, the ordinary human, rich or poor , who strives to lead a life of dignity facing all odds.

The recent events unfolding can thus help us get things in perspective and make us realize that the true worth of an individual is in who he is not what he has. Then perhaps we will not be guilty of being carried away by all the glamour and will not make the mistake of  putting  our celebrities  on a pedestal only to pull them down ruthlessly later. Instead let us place them where they belong- on earth with the rest of us!


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