Chital Mehta

Being a compulsive reader with a passion for writing, Chital Mehta believes that life is a gift that has to be cherished every minute. She is passionate about love stories for she believes love is the essence of life. Armed with her dreams, she considers nothing is impossible as long as one has profound faith. She has penned down other fiction novels such as I Luv My Lyf, Are you the one for me?, The Promise and A Heart's Whisper. She has created a wordpress blog (stumblingyetwriting. that is dedicated solely for writing in which tips, announcements and motivation ideas are shared. Besides writing, she loves to discover new books and movies that create an impact. An enthusiastic blogger who loves to learn new patterns of writing, she is constantly in search of novel ideas that can create a transformation in others lives

Voice of Chital Mehta

Let Me Tell You What Exactly Goes Behind Writing And Creating A Book!

There's something beautiful and freeing about creating a book as I have learnt. Here's my experience of writing my books.

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Why My Child And I Learnt To Enjoy His Tantrums!

A child growing up involves a number of things including tantrums. While most parents dislike them, here is one mother learning to enjoy them!

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The Dark Truth About Motherhood That Nobody Really Wants To Talk About

Some mothers suffer from postpartum depression, and it can be frightening. But it is something that nobody wants to talk about!

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“If I Don’t Feel Like Eating, I Am Not Going To Eat It!” Diary Of A Toddler

Wonder what your toddler might be thinking? Here is a peek into their world, that gives a snapshot of the behaviour of a toddler.

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