Bhanumathi Ganesh

A full-time employee, a part-timer, a flexi-timer, freelancer, an entrepreneur, now a life coach - I have seen it all. I have passion for reading and writing, like to talk about parenting among various other things.

Voice of Bhanumathi Ganesh

My Mother, My Best Friend Forever!

I remind her that she talked me into doing things I did not want to do. To that she replies, “I am the mother and will always be, however old you may grow.”

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kashi yatra
Let’s Stop Rituals Like ‘Kashi Yatra’ Where Bride’s Elderly Parents Wash Groom’s Feet!

It's 2021 and we still follow rituals like Kashi Yatra where bride's parents wash the groom's feet. It's time such rituals are questioned and stopped! 

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Four women entrepreneurs of India
Women On The Rise: When Female Entrepreneurs Start Taking Centre Stage

Women make excellent entrepreneurs and the world is slowly accepting that. Is it finally our time now, to take to the stage and own it?

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