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What The Rape Of A Minor In Chennai Tells Us About Ourselves

The heinous rape of a minor in Chennai by a large gang of men, acting with impunity, shows us a mirror to Society - and the image is UGLY.

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girls playing sports
The First Thing A Girl Loses Growing Up: Space To Play Sports. This Needs To Change!

Women and girls playing sports get a raw deal in India, due to social and physical restraints, and mostly administrative apathy. When will this change?

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Let’s Look At Padmavati’s ‘Choice’ In The Absence Of A Society That Supports Rape Victims

What a woman does when confronted by rape, cannot be easily judged. Our focus should be on creating a more supportive society instead.

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Because God Is For Everyone [#ShortStory]

Was it really important that their respective states were fighting over Cauvery water? They looked at things the same way, and that is all that mattered as a couple!

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Toilet Troubles: The Apathy To A Woman’s Most Basic Needs

Just like men, women have bodies and need to use the toilet too. Why this apathy to women's most basic needs?

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