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Avid reader, blogger, shopaholic, foodie, small dog lover, and upholder of equal rights for all. Head of corporate marketing at work.

Voice of Ashima

Why Feminism Is Good For Men

Feminism is good for men too - men should not need to conform to suffocating gender stereotypes either!

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The Only Secret Ingredient You Need For Happy Relationships

A secret ingredient for happy relationships? Is there such a thing? An interesting perspective on navigating relationships through acceptance.

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To Have Or Not To Have…Children? Have You Thought It Through?

Having children can be a beautiful choice, but so can not having children. To have or not to have children is a decision that's best left to each individual.

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Everyday Things You Can Do As A Man To Support Gender Equality

Most Indian men are decent people who would never consider harming a woman. But men also need to actively dismantle male privilege in India.

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