Asha Iyer Kumar

Asha Iyer Kumar is a freelance writer, author, poet and active blogger, based in Dubai. She was an Opinion page columnist with Khaleej Times, Dubai, writing on Life and Living, and is a creative writing tutor and coach for children and teenagers. She made her literary debut in 2009 with a novel, ‘Sand Storms, Summer Rains’, and published a book of verse, Hymns from the Heart, in 2014. Her short story, Free Spirit, was published in the anthology, ‘The Other’, edited by Mona Verma and Abha Iyengar in 2018. Her flash Fiction ‘The Temple Dancer’ has also been included in the anthology ‘EquiverseSpace’ published in September, 2018. How Do you Do is Asha’s first collection of short stories published in October, 2018. When she is not writing, she goes photographing and painting.

Voice of Asha Iyer Kumar

How I Overcame Self-Doubt And Started Believing In Myself

The author writes how we ought not to wallow in self-doubt and should rather pat our backs every now and then.

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Finding Ayyappa: The Pilgrim’s Story

The single-minded craving to reach the shrine possessed the pilgrim - would she make it? And where was the shrine - out there or within?

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