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Why Refugees Need To Be Seen As Whole Human Beings, More Than Their ‘Victim’Hood

True to form, Paro Anand portrays refugee life through the experiences of teen girls, a Kashmiri Pandit refugee and a girl from a North-Eastern tribe, in her book Nomad's Land.

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Why We Need More Gender Neutral Toilets In India

In recent times, the issue of gender neutral or unisex toilets has come up frequently in the US. But what about in India? Here's why they are important.

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This Just In: Quora Users Have Terrible Advice On How To Deal With Rejections

I recently came across a Quora thread that began with the following question: "I proposed to my best friend and she rejected me. But she still cares about me as a best friend and thinks the best for me. What should I do?"

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Even A Spine Injury Couldn’t Stop Miriam Gaenicke From Pursuing Her Goals

Suffering a serious spine injury, Indian-origin American adoptee Miriam Gaenicke has not had an easy recovery; but she continues to work incredibly hard, and with hope.

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The Crimes of Grindelwald: Much Anticipated Treat or Train Wreck?

With The Crimes Of Grindelwald releasing later this week in India, here's expecting more for Queenie and Tina besides just being love interests. Also, will Rowling live up to her promise of Dumbledore being gay?

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Born In November? Find Out Which Notable Woman You Might Share Your Birthday With!

Is your birthday in November? You may share your birthday with a talented female actor, a businesswoman, a writer, a scientist, a which talented woman o you share your birthday with? Find out!

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