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new surrogacy bill
India’s New Surrogacy Bill Proposes To Let Only ‘Certain’ Kind Of Single Women Avail Surrogacy

The new Surrogacy Bill may potentially let (only) widowed or divorced women avail surrogacy but only from a 'close relative.' Two steps forward, one step back?

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Why Anti Rape Laws In India Will Remain Paper Tigers

While anti rape laws in India now have more stringent provisions for punishment, what is the reality of implementation? But with new laws, things may change.

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What Is It About Growing Up And ‘Settling Down’ That Changes Friends Who Once Had Big Dreams?

Growing up, holding down a 'steady' job, or generally 'settling down' can make staid, conformist individuals of those who had been once starry eyed! 

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3 Months Jail For Rape; Brock Allen Turner Case Shows Us Why Rape Survivors Suffer

In the Brock Allen Turner case, the rapist was sentenced for only 3 months, when he was charged with three counts of sexual assault. It’s in  sharp contrast with the  social and legal struggle a victim goes through. On September 2, Brock Allen Turner was released from jail after serving a mere three months of […]

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Let Us Think Before We Speak, For Our Words Shape Who We Are

We need to think before we speak. Always. For what we say, can never be erased, and can shape us, our personalities, our destinies.

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The Normal-Abnormal Conundrum: What Not To Think About Same Sex Love

While the Supreme Court of India gears up to take a stand on the draconian Section 377 of The Indian Penal Code, the youth of our country still appears to be homophobic, and confused about same sex love.

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