Srishtaa Aparna Pallavi

Aparna Pallavi's current callings are as a therapist, contemplative writer and researcher of indigenous and forest foods. Gender and patriarchy are among her favorite subjects in her contemplative writing. Formerly she has had a two decade long career as an environment journalist. She currently lives in Auroville, Pondicherry, writing and working on her own healing. Her writings can be accessed on her Facebook wall.

Voice of Srishtaa Aparna Pallavi

The Diplomat
The Diplomat On Netflix: How I Saw A Violent Parallel In My Own Abusive Married Life!

Without this man, my career would not have looked the way it does now. But the thing is, the good things did not happen in a healthy space. He had a hidden agenda which took a huge toll of my energy and mental health.

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Real Reason Why Most Indian Men Support ‘Sanctity’ Of The Great Indian Marriage!

The term 'man-baby' is not just an angry term that wives throw at husbands. It is a horrible truth. Which is why patriarchy has made women scapegoats as wives.

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YouTuber Armaan Malik Is Glorified For His Wealth And 2 Wives… As Are Many Other Powerful Men

Men like Armaan Malik or other powerful celebrities with 2 wives will continue exploiting women like this, as long as men control most of the social, economic and political power and women feel powerless enough to succumb.

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My Personal Story Of How The Goddess Is Offered Bhog But Women Eat Leftovers

She would serve everyone fresh food and serve herself the stale rice and curries from the previous meal. Some days after finishing the leftovers she was so full she would not even be able to even taste the fresh food.

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sex to deal with difficult feelings
When Men Expect Sex To Deal With Difficult Feelings, They Rape When Refused

Women are expected to provide sex as relief from the issues men face, inside, as well as outside of the relationship -- in their work places, with their families, with their friends.

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younger woman
The Real, Ugly Reason For The Cultural Requirement Of A (Sometimes Much) Younger Wife

The roots of male pedophilia run deep in our culture, are sanctioned and normalized by it; a 'couple' needs to be an older man and a younger woman as wife.

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As A Cis-Het Older Woman, My Relationship Options Are Limited By A Surprising Reason

No matter what a woman's age, there is only one, and rather unsurprising reason why cis-het men may pick them as a partner. Intrigued? Read on.

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myth of the healthy poor
The Myth Of ‘Hardy’ Domestic Helpers & Labourers Who ‘Have Good Immunity’

This whole idea that the 'poor are healthy' is nothing but a privileged myth. It is a convenient excuse to keep them deprived and breaking their backs to suit our needs.

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When An Oppressor (Or Even A Controlling Parent) Says, I’ve Given You Too Much Freedom

As those oppressed realise their freedom, Savarna men feel a 'loss of control' over those they were used to controlling, and the anger they feel for this 'loss' comes out in further oppressive behaviour.

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man child
As A College Student, I Was Groomed By An Insecure, Much Older Man-Child…

Why are women miles ahead of men in understanding feminist thought? Why do men find it more difficult to understand and respect boundaries than women?

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The Alternate, Truly Empowering End I Would Have Liked To Ratna & Ashwin’s Story

After the kiss, it remains upto Ratna to keep her feet on the ground, while Ashwin goes into easy rants about not caring for the world, because the world does not impact him as it does her...

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It’s An Old Trick: Men Call Women ‘Mysterious’ And Avoid Seeing Them As ‘Human’

Men do not want make the effort to understand women as just as human, because they want to go on enjoying the entitlement that they have enjoyed for centuries.

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Why Men Feel Threatened By Women Who Speak Up

Feeling shame is the mind's defence system against doing wrong, and this is damaged in boys as they grow up by a patriarchy that benefits from men being violent towards woman. 

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story of Ganga
How Shantanu’s Attempt To Control Ganga As A Husband Began Mahabharata’s Cycle Of Devastation

In the patriarchal world  of Indian mythology, women are supposed to obey, to follow rules, to yield to male control. The story of Ganga is the outlier.

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inner feminine inner masculine
Why I Feel That Concepts Of ‘Inner Feminine’ & ‘Inner Masculine’ Are A Ton Of Nonsense

Saying 'inner feminine' for gentler, intuitive qualities and 'inner masculine' for active, logical ones is stereotypical and counterproductive on the way to self-actualisation, feels the author. 

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women's anger
Women’s Anger Is Real ‘Coz Men Who Feel Entitled To Women’s Bodies Are Everywhere

Women's anger is justified, living suppressed in a rape culture, and our oppressors still safe because we've not owned our anger yet.

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Everything Was Good Until I Was The Adoring Younger Wife; Then I Came To Know Of Reality

He had lived all his life on the basis of a charismatic exterior, relying on the fascination of people weaker than him to prop him up. That is what he had hoped in our relationship.

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recipe of fried balls
This Man Fantasized Openly About Underage ‘Virgins’, So I HAD To Speak Up As A Survivor

If a sexist, privileged, entitled man openly fantasizes about underage women on a food group by comparing pink ginger lemon pickle to a 'blushing virgin after her first kiss', he needs to be called out.

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Why Men In A Rape Culture Feel Threatened If A Woman Draws Boundaries To Say NO

A woman who draws boundaries to say enough threatens rape culture, bringing out the aggression in men who feel their entitlement is being challenged.

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