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With Every Premature Baby, A Premature Mom Is Born, Needing 5 Times The Strength Of A ‘Normal’ One

In an intensely personal account of the birth and early days of her premature baby, this mom shines through with her strength and resilience. Salute!

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Why Is It Shocking If I Want A Kindle And Not Diamonds?

Ranbeer was shocked to hear that as it was the first time Amruta has told him that she wants to do something on her own, without asking him or without tagging along with him.

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You Are One Hell Of A Woman, And Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise!

Kritika told him everything that had happened during the day, her thoughts, her guilt, her feelings.

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Pregnant For The 1st Time, I Want A Daughter. Why Does Everyone Consider This Strange?

Why is the girl child still considered a liability that we should not wish for, as compared to 'wanting a boy'? When will this mindset change?

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“I Killed Her Because She Wasn’t Behaving Like An Obedient Wife” Who Is Raising These Men?

We talk about feminism, education, equal rights, equal responsibilities and everything in and around it but unfortunately, we never talk about the reasons why women's abuse is still so common in our society.

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