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Hi there :) This is Ankita Kamat, the founder of Frugal Beat. I left my job. My passion for writing and creative mindset didn't allow me to continue with my 9-5 job. I've created my own website FRUGAL BEAT. This is all about frugal living. I strongly believe that frugal living is the first step towards financial freedom. I've been walking on the path of frugality from my pre-teens. I've realized the importance of money at a very early stage of my life. Frugal living means neither being cheap nor being a miser. In reality, it's a way to live well without spending a lot of money. For me, frugal living is an endless, wholesome journey. I implement many practical ways in my daily life to be frugal. In my blog 'Fugal Beat', I express my experiences and my knowledge through my writing. I personally feel frugal living is for everyone. Irrespective of gender or age, one should learn about personal finance. The early we learn, the early we grow financially. So, come let's be independent and learn to manage money :)

Voice of Ankita Kamat

7 Ways Saving As A Young Girl Helped Me As An Adult

Given the writer's fondness for saving money, it is no surprise that she started saving young. Here are 7 ways saving as a teen helped her as an adult

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Why Should I Agree To Be Dependent On A Man If I Can Earn For Myself?

Women are often told that the finances are not for them. But finance is for everyone. Here are a few ways to be a financially independent, empowered woman

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