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4 Reasons Women Belittle Each Other (And A Humble Request To Stop Doing It)

Why do women become judgemental about each other, sometimes even turning on in each other in vicious ways? This author gives us some insight on why women attack each other. 

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Dear Rani Mukherjee, Martial Arts Is Not The Solution For Harassment Against Women

In a recent round table discussion on the #metoo movement, prominent actor Rani Mukherjee came up with some shocking and bizarre solutions. The author here questions Rani's stand!

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Be It Sabarimala Or Triple Talaq, “Discrimination Is Discrimination Even When People Call It Tradition”

Whether it is the recent agitation over women entering Sabarimala, or practices in every religion that favour men over women, it's time to stop treating 'tradition' as something unchangeable. 

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Are Women Considered An ‘Unwanted Necessity’ By Indian Society?

Unless every woman has the same respect and value as men, and the choice of living her life the way she wants to, women’s empowerment is a myth, says the author.  Yesterday’s newspaper had a small news report: ‘3 days old girl was thrown into community dustbin ‘. And this was not on the front […]

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