6 Eco Friendly Farm Stays Around Bangalore

Posted: July 15, 2016

Here is a list of eco friendly farm stays to take you closer to farming, village atmosphere and of course, mother nature!

Recently I had the opportunity to learn more about self-sustaining communities and few stories behind them during a casual chat with one of our guests at home. What I realized is that there is a deeper meaning to sustainability and it drives you in its true form when money is taken out of the equation!

Money is of course required whether one wants to follow best practices for living or not but if it is the basis of everything in your lifestyle, it challenges you in every little step towards following best practices. While things may be convenient and easy with money, what makes one include sustainability in one’s own lifestyle is when you truly promote nature and are not obligated to just paying bills.

The stress of the corporate jobs these days is so much so that the city folks are now looking for a quick getaway on a weekend. The trend is catching up fast where it is no longer fun to just stay in a back-to-back activity filled and super luxurious fancy resorts. I heard of people who actually buy their own piece of land somewhere on the outskirts of the city to do organic farming on weekends. It could be a small field with limited resources but engaging in farming slows you down, to breathe fresh air, be closer to mother earth – a way of giving back to the nature and feeling the pride when you see that first crop of yours!

Whether it is soaring real estate prices or the difficulty in commitment to farming, owning land, and further, maintaining it looks almost impossible for many. What do you want to do on a weekend when you do not own such a land but still would want to spend sometime in such a place without any attachments?

Well, there is good news! There are many farm stays that fit the bill – to do exactly what your body and mind needs. While some offer resort level facilities, they are not the regular touristy 5 star hotels, and they have a deeper meaning to their existence- which is sustainability.

Here are a few eco friendly farm stays around Bangalore which promise to give you the opportunity to explore a farm in different terms. These are the places you should consider if you like to explore farming or would like to experience the stay on a farm.

Organic Mandya

Organic Mandya is a farmers society set up in Mandya who follow organic and natural methods in farming. Started by a former IT engineer, it is located in Mandya (around 90 kms from Bangalore) and has farms which welcomes people to get an experience. With their organic tourism concept, they have options like farm share – where they provide a piece of land for you to grow your own food, sweat donation – where you can just help a farmer for an hour or a day and team @ farm – where they keep your entire busy with various farming activities.

Organic Mandya

Rare Earth

This exquisite farm is located around 60 kms from Bangalore and lives on strong values of sustainability. They use alternative methods to water, waste, shelter and power, making it an eco friendly farmstay. You can decide to participate in farming activities or learn about natural ways of living or pet the farm animals or have a leisurely stroll around.

Rare Earth

Our native village

The husband and wife duo who started this eco resort are very passionate about sustainability, so much so that they bid adieu to their careers abroad to realize their dreams.

At this place they strive to create an authentic Indian village experience using natural methods. You can relive your childhood by playing traditional games or go on a bullock cart ride or have splash in the natural pool. They have packages and workshops that allow you to know more about eco living and GASP (Guiding For Applying Sustainability Practices).

Our native village

Hillview farms

This eco friendly farmstay is run by a husband and wife duo who are committed to follow the best natural practices in farming and are lifetime members of organic farmers’ association. It is situated on the outskirts of Mysore with Chamundi hills as the backdrop.

You can choose to observe the daily activities on the farm, pet the animals and will be served with farm fresh vegetables and in-house dairy products. They take pride in the chlorine free swimming pool, which is maintained naturally keeping up with their organic practices.

Hillview Farms

Green dreams

A further drive from Mysore will take you to Coorg, popularly known as the Scotland of India. Green Dreams farm stay is around 5 hours drive from Bangalore and is set amidst fields. There are well appointed cottages to relax and you can learn terrace farming, rare food recipes from the host, know about cooking in earthen pots, go on a bicycle ride to near by fields and attractions etc. Food here is mostly served in earthen pots giving it the authentic taste and village experience.

Green dreams

Destiny – the farm resort

Looks like I went to the farthest place first. Yes I have been to this piece of paradise set in the outskirts of Ooty and it is rather difficult to take your eyes off the location once you are here. It is a resort of kinds but it depends on what you seek actually. Populated with different farm animals like cows, horses, rabbits, sheep, etc, it also has a self-sustainable farm. You can try your hands at farming and know about their practices or trek on the nearest peaks, or go for a stroll to the enchanting lake. Writing this makes me remember the farm fresh and flavourful Brussel sprouts salad that I had for dinner there!


Image source: shutterstock.

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